‘Unwifeable’ by Mandy Stadtmiller Review



It took me less than 24 hours to finish this book, and by the end of it all, I was crying in my bed. This book touched me in so many ways; to see the resiliency, strength and self love that came from Mandy astounded me. This book is her memoir, and a beautiful one at that. “My story is not unique. Single girl comes to New York; New York eats her alive. But what does stand out is my discovery that you can essentially live a life that appears to be a textbook manual for everything one can do wrong to find love—and still find Mr. Right.” Mandy has written for the New York Times, New York Magazine, and xojane. She is also a comedian and writer.


In her memoir, detailing what life is like being a recent divorcee at the age of 30, moving to the Big Apple to pursue her dreams of being a successful writer, and also living it up as the single gal that she is! Throughout the book, you get a glimpse into the journey of her independence while she navigates the world of dating and self revelation and discovery. She writes about her hilarious adventures, encounters with celebrities, but also includes some really raw and dark moments of her life. As a writer, mostly known for her dating columns; she went into detail about the events of her dating life, which in turn allowed for people to judge her character. She truly started to believe that she was in fact, unwifeable – no one would want to be with her if she couldn’t even love and respect herself. Tired of disappointing herself, getting into dangerous situations because of her drinking problem, and realizing that she has a sex addiction – she decides to take control of her life. Finding a man was never important to her, but when she took the time to take care of herself, she found someone who loved her unconditionally, flaws and all.


I love Mandy’s writing style, she is relatable and adds her comedic flair to the narrative. Because of the lifestyle she lives, especially being a single girl living in New York, her memoir is packed of moments that you can only imagine would happen in the city that never sleeps. She gives us good times and bad times. The reason why I have rated it 4/5 stars is that although the issues are relatable, this is a memoir of a women who lives a lavish lifestyle where most of the narrative is written almost like a TV show – highly glamorous, sex scandals and gossip, etc. It feels more like a made for TV story vs a memoir. I personally enjoy reading memoirs regardless of whether or not I can relate to it, I enjoy being able to get a taste of what it’s like to be in that person’s shoes, and there is always something to take from others experiences and knowledge.


‘Unwifeable’ reminds us that we all fall down sometimes, we may get lost, we may not get things right the first time, but it is never too late to change the trajectory of your life and become someone you love and admire. I have the utmost respect for anyone who is willing to share their journey with others, because we all share in silence the same issues. If you’re looking for a book that’s part Sex and the City and part self help, this is a must-read! This goes out to all the girls, women, boys, men, whoever you are, that life is not a cake walk, but if you work hard to become who you want to be, you will attract the right kind of people into your life and into your heart.

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